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The Pines Papillons
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Lois Horan:  Dog Trainer & Professional Handler

Lois Horan is proud to offer:

  • Private lessons
  • Group lessons
  • Family lessons
  • Basic obedience training
  • Advanced obedience training
  • House breaking (Puppies and older dogs)
  • Training for older dogs
  • Canine socialization
  • In-Home or Public Park Training
  • Behavior modification for timid dogs
  • Professional Handling in Conformation Events      

    Please click to view my recent full page ad that appeared in Showsight, The Dog Show Magazine, which tells more about my history as a professional conformation handler. Here's a thumbnail of the ad.

    I am listed as a Professional Handler in the Professional Handlers Association Directory. Click on the link, then choose "FLORIDA". 

    Here's what a few clients have to say about Lois's services:

"Can't teach an old dog new tricks? Not so! Lois Horan did. Thanks so much for helping us help old Archie in his later years."
          -Veronica Moore

"We wanted to let you know how happy we are with your training services. We noticed a difference in our dog, Bernie, almost immediately. The techniques you showed us have enabled us to maintain all the progress Bernie has made.
Thanks for everything!"
          -Cynthia and Kevin Woods

"Wow! We were so surprised at how quickly our dog Rover improved behaviorally. No more destroyed furniture and no more biting. We expected it to take more than six months. We were pleasantly surprised that Rover had been trained in six weeks. Kudos to you!"
          -Mark and Grace Wilson

"I love the patience and care shown by Lois Horan. She took her time and really connected with my dog, Chief. Our children love to play with Chief now, and we aren't afraid of scratching anymore. Our family is at peace again. Thanks!"
          -Dawn and Mario Hernandez

"I am amazed at the range of knowledge that Lois Horan possesses. I never thought they could help me with our dog, Glory. Her approach is far reaching and Glory is less stubborn and seems happier than ever before!"
          -Joe Flannigan